Hypex MP DSP

Hypex Electronics has many years of experience in DSP solutions. We have developed our own filter design software which can be utilized to configure our range of DSP modules and plate amplifiers. The MP-DSP is a high grade, three channel DSP board to be used specifically with the Mains powered NCORE® Family (NCxxxMP) amplifiers The MP DSP is a high grade, three channel DSP board to be used specifically with the Hypex MP series amplifiers. It can be expanded with an optional digital input board or high level input board for subwoofers. Multiple DSP boards can be used in master-slave configuration to create a stereo or 2.1 system The MP-DSP Subin is an add-on for adding a high-level input and a volume control knob to the MP-DSP Main. For more details check the MP-DSP Main. Downloads . Accept cookies to view downloads. Related products. MP-DSP Main. Info × Hypex disclaimer. This information has been provided to you free of charge for your use but remains the sole property of Hypex Electronics B.V. In no event will. The beating heart of your speaker With the MP-DSP family you get a very small form factor High-End DSP plus optional Digital- or High-level inputs. Perfect for active speaker applications up to three way MP-DSP Main. Info × Hypex disclaimer Hypex Electronics B.V. makes no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability of its products or models for any specific application. Hypex Electronics B.V. reserves the right to make changes at any time without further notice. By using a model, the user agrees to absolve Hypex Electronics B.V. from all liability related to the use or application of the.

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HYPEX- zamówienie - strona 2 - DIY - Audiostereo

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